Broken Like Me

Broken Like Me

i bet you’re popular and have many friends.
you collect tissues and handkerchiefs you stole, perhaps,
to drench them in tears to burn them with personal intimacy.
you’re probably good at tying loose ends,
or at least you pretend to be.
you’re broken like me.

i think you like ideas.
i’d gladly give you a towel to cry on, if i could,
just to see if you can cry me a river, or,
if you even dare would. you know,
i’m not that hard to please,
but i’d rather introduce you to my limitless unease.
if you knew what made me uncomfortable, or,
if you knew what made me lose sleep, would you
be a little bit happier? will you
come out, come out from that washroom and perhaps
let go of the night, for once,
with dry eyes?

and if i think about it,
aren’t we all a little broken, too?
perhaps the person next to me is
more broken than you — or less broken; who cares?
i don’t; i don’t know him.
but i got to know you. and you told me stories that
have haunted me, too. i don’t know if they’re true.
but if they are, i hope you see —
i find in you something worth knowing behind
your every excitement, your every thrill,
with every
detail you’ve decided to spill.

i think you’re worth writing a poem for, ’cause, you see,
you’re broken like me.

— A. P.

4 thoughts on “Broken Like Me

  1. Salamat. We all share a thing, you’ve nailed that. I would not have named it Broken though, it is the part that makes us human, makes us lovable. Different perspectives, like separate lights, each illuminates the shadows of the other


    1. Uy, ayos. 🙂 And yes, I agree with that. But as words are words and only are as we accept them, sometimes I think I do this thing where I use words like “broken” or “pain” or “suffer” while implying a positive connotation.

      Which might be a bad thing~ but, eh. 🙂

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  2. It might. Or it might not. You have to be you, and write like you do. Some readers will see and some will not. The two pays that diverged in a yellow wood might well be the writer and the reader…

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