I'm Afraid of Love Stories

I’m Afraid of Love Stories

I’m afraid of love stories
because they tell me of what I’ve missed, they are
terrifying mirrors, unintended
source of scorn — I am afraid.

I am afraid to walk that road, to only
ride the feelings through someone else’s carriage,
walk the walk
through someone else’s shoes,
when in truth,
I could’ve gotten there myself.

I am afraid of love stories,
especially ones with
tragic endings, for they amplify
mistakes, they remind me of
promises, and dreams —
they worsen nightmares;
love stories are not for everyone.

I’m afraid of love stories,

they tell me of things
I can never tell myself
again — or so I thought,

for there you are,
inciting risk, inviting lips, perhaps
even writing secret scripts —

I was afraid of love stories

I guess I’m not afraid of them

— A. P.

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