52 Blue

52 Blue

Look at this white-boned spectral whale singing choruses to no one in particular.

She makes the demanding ocean know that when a castaway is cast away he or she is not alone.

She is guiding ships to shore as sure as she is weightless and wasteless.

She has already helped thousands of gentlemen find their way home when homes can’t find their way to the people.

Look at this spineless sea creature shedding tears for no other reason than because others do.

Look at her, look at the way she looks and look at the way she looks at you.

She is an old and wizened soul and when you hear her voice you know that it makes sense to follow what it says.

Old sharks and even lionfish heed her and she defied Poseidon once and it was okay because Poseidon admitted it was his fault that she sang specifically in 52 hertz.

Look at rivieras and ridges and trenches and deep, deep, darkness. They are homes to echoes.

And the whole ocean loved her so much that the whole ocean agreed that the whole ocean should be her home.

And yet 52 Blue is still very much alone.

— A. P.

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