come forget me as i could not forget you

Come, Forget Me, As I Could Not Forget You

Come, forget me, as I could not forget you
Over years of our common reluctances, and
Meanderings brought on by fate or by choice;
Even I won’t be sure, but our words should know better.

For each prayer released is at blessing’s end
Of their wanderings lost — up on its way home,
Rekindling refreshing remembrances, raising
Great expectations above galloping gloom.
Entail: the inevitable consequence, come,
This forgetting was drawn as the emptiness stayed.

My attempts but grew harsh for in moments you’ll be
Every cloud in the sky, every surf in the sea,
And you’ll realize then, that forgive me, you must—
Stopping thoughts such as these would be truly unjust;
In this heart you will stay, ’til it gives into dust.

Come, forget me, as I could not forget you
Over years of our resting reminiscences rendered
Unmoved and as dormant as million-year atolls,
Like cold-culling neurons in flake-filtered colors;
Decadent: brew of your absence’s ache.

Now, should I step away from this ring
Of like-minded dreams? But I am so feeble,
Tacked in this circle’s familiar streams.

Fling me away from your strikingness, then,
Or render me mute in cacophonies. Take me
Roaming, or sailing, or flying, just never
Grant me as bland an experience as walking,
Eventually trembling, eventually giving in
To realities robbed of remembering.

You see, in the every where, I see images of two:
Over every forest’s green, over every ocean’s blue.
Understand: forget me, as I could not forget you.

— A. P.

*Being a response to Day 3 of dailypost‘s “Intro. to Poetry” course; to write about friendship, in acrostic form.

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