Dress me in dragonbone,
Wide-eyed lily-delver.
Come, help me seek
Paths to shelter

In the dust of night,
When stars are anchor,
Plop the compass points on Cassie’s crown,
Carved complex in walls of praseodymium
The labyrinths that this
Explorer leads.

The un-missing sun
Must not witness none;
How must it whisper to the moon!
What stories must it tell.

The sky’s my skirt,
My mutlicolored petal-dress,
Let me lose you in the glowing,
And when you fin’lly find yourself
— lost —
You’ll be everywhere and nowhere all at once,
Let you drown my skin,
Your lips, my cornucopia.

Over em’rald aurora, wavering,
My trembling legs a testament,
Such youth in your gaze is frighteningly safe;
I shall make your eyes my home.

— A. P.

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