chromatic lotus demo

Chromatic Lotus Demo

This has been a habit of mine:
like cold snowflakes,
on warm skin I can only melt,
(how easily!)
and like eager passengers
on a once-a-week train,
all my emotions rush,
all aboard.

Then I would eagerly trade places
like it would change things,
when in fact I shall find
myself in the same zone,
in the same state-of-mind.

But believe me, I tried
(like a loose hanging noose)
to unwind.

Believe me, I tried.

People care less about zones
than they care about wounds,

but this journey is mine,
and with each upturned stone
these habits die hard,
and they die all alone.

— A. P.

*Being a response to Day 4 of dailypost‘s “Intro. to Poetry” course; to write about journeys, with emphasis on simile.

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