The force of a horse
is equal, of course,
to the number of doors
it can kick up yours.

A gnat on a cat
makes more sense than a bat,
for a bat is just that
when there’s wings on a rat.

And an aardvark’s snark
can murder a shark,
but a dog and its bark
should not make any mark.

Like a pig in the brig
of a ship twice as big
as a disco band’s gig
with thrice as much jig,

a goat in a boat
should, in theory, not float
no matter its coat
nor its throat on a moat.

And the beeswax on bees
should have just the right grease
under pressure, at ease
to wake flowers and trees.

Then the weasels of war,
who put justice in jars
would trade nectar with bars
when they travel too far:

Why such want for a continent
is a mystery pertinent
but to say they need condiment,
is a crocodile’s argument.

— A. P.


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