It’s always weird when a significant part of your being gets yanked away *snap* just like that. it’s always weird, like, you know you will eventually be okay and maybe that decision to let go was better in the long run, but it always feels like you’ve made the greatest mistake of your life.
We’ve all felt it some way or another; everything is stale, nothing is interesting anymore, and it’s like you’re almost always on the verge of crying. But in-between those moments of loss you convince yourself that yeah, you know… it probably will get better. For everyone involved. And you convince yourself that you did the right thing and you’ll probably laugh about it some months or years later. But it’s always weird, that moment of… disconnect.
It’s like, suddenly there’s this bubble of void that you now have to spend the rest of your existence in. You could find solace in writing, reading, or whatever your thing is… maybe even sleep, but after all that is done, you’re still not sure if you could get out of that bubble.
It’s been a weird night.

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