Dear Mother,
I saw a black kitten playing out in the fields today
Looking for shelter amongst the buildup
Of petunia’s tongues and lamplight noise.

Dear Mother,
I saw hail pummel the roofs today
While the tropical Sun is out
Skipping steps to visit places
The Moon has yet to conquer.

Dear Mother,
I saw a girl curiously poking
With her fingers at the fringes of love
And I thought that it looked dangerous;
You taught me how to be careful
And cautious, dear Mother.

Dear Mother,
I saw flowers sent next door and I wondered
Have we ever had dinner with the neighbors before?
But I saw the girl next door’s lips pucker,
Dear Mother, and I felt nervous.

Dear Mother,
I hope you’re in a happy cloud.
Curiosity has a funny face, I saw it today;
I see it pays to talk to strangers a little,
And by the way,
The neighbor’s daughter is loud in bed.

Dear Mother,
I miss you ever so!
You’ve always told me to be happy. I try,
But there were roses and teardrops on your tombstone today
And it made this letter wet and smudged all over.
Maybe it was father who left them (somehow,
he still manages to ruin everything).
But I hope you can still read this
Despite the mushy paper and the blurry writing.

I hope you’re in a happy cloud.
I’ll hold off on crying for another time, dear Mother,
For today, I am nothing but happiness
And perhaps, that is all that matters.

— A. P.

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