My Love Will Scar the Earth

My Love Will Scar the Earth

Stretch, scarlet cord-braid
In sync with the quick velocity of starfall,
Three sweet years of longing —

Body, witness,
This temporal cruelty, like flesh in unknown spaces,
Hair from unknown traces — hands in forbidden places:

My love will scar the earth, as it will carve
Even thoughts not mine into my own, and even
Leaving vague messages on these dead bones.

Sunset, twilight, adhere: my love will scar time,
Memory, and remembrance. I may fade so quickly, or subtly,
But my love will never disappear completely:
It lives on the ley lines, the highways of Tokyo,
My love crawls the subway-veins-and-branches;
I am, I have become,
The very heartbeat of this city,
And I know you can feel me.

Three years of sweet longing—
It is not for nothing; time is an infinite fiend,
A crude little game of sticks for threads,
Over wine,

But I shall drink you, and you shall live in me,
Bathing in the darkness of this cave —
Time is an infinite fiend, and we are rivers drawn to sea:
I will find you,
Find you, definitely;

My love will scar the earth,
And there then, you shall find me.

— A. P.

*inspired by the film “Kimi no Na wa.” (“Your Name.”)